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LawHelp Interactive (or LHI for short) is a national nonprofit that uses technology to increase access to justice. We help poverty law and court access-to-justice programs to create online documents projects.

We are a project of Pro Bono Net, in cooperation with Ohio State Legal Services Association. We are funded by the Legal Services Corporation, and state courts in California and New York.

Organizations that use HotDocs and A2J Author to create document assembly content can upload interviews to LHI and make them available to advocates, pro bono volunteers, and self-helpers at legal aid and court websites.

We have online and in-person trainings to walk you through everything you need to know to start making online, plain language, culturally competent forms. We can also connect you with developers to help you create forms.

We offer technical and program support to end users, partner organizations, and form developers. And our community of LHI developers and project managers makes it easy to share best practices across organizations.

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